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Does Your Website Need a “Tune-Up”?

Are you achieving the results from your website that you want or need? You may not need a new website to improve leads or sales.  You might be able to improve results by addressing the 4 items about your website that drive or affect leads and sales: OFFERS: For the Biggest Change in Results, Change [...]

Website Diagnosis: Is Your SEO Effective?

Are you happy with your website’s SEO?  It seems few businesses are.  In general, the complaints seem to go in these 3 directions: “We’re not sure how our SEO is doing”. “We’re not sure if our SEO is correct.” “We’re not sure if any SEO has been done.” Here's How to Diagnose Your Search Engine [...]

Why Your Website Isn’t Generating More Leads

Are you focusing on Lead Generation?  Do your in-house marketers really understand Lead Generation?  Does your agency? The company president advised me, "we've had 2 agencies in the last 18 months . . . the first was a design firm.  They did great design, but they couldn't deliver on the words." "I told the second [...]

What a Smart Lead Generation Program Should Include

I was on a call with the principals of a small design agency, who had hired a lead generation company to handle some email business development for them. The design agency told me the lead generation company had "done a few emails" for them.  Results to date?  "We had some visits, but nothing came of [...]

Need Smarter Digital Marketing? Hire a Direct Marketer

(This is a continuation of Direct Marketing Skills for Digital Marketing.  See part 1 of Key Direct Marketing Skills for the Next Generation . . .) To find out what works best, TEST! Great Direct Marketers know how to test our way to success.  We don't have to guess which headline is better -- we can [...]

How to Use the Skills of Direct Marketers in Digital Marketing

Key Direct Marketing skills are in high demand in Digital Marketing.  That's because smart marketers realize that Offer creation and managing Lead Generation programs, Analytics and Testing -- all critical for effective Digital Marketing -- are all Direct Marketing skills. Direct Marketing:  Offers, Lead Management, CRM, Testing, and Analytics Direct Marketers are the ones usually [...]

10 Things Successful Marketing Departments Do

The most successful Marketing departments get the most from every Marketing dollar. They're focused on maximizing results -- and tend to be set up around some key activities.  Here are the key components of their Marketing plans that help ensure their success . . . 1.  Use Data to Craft Relevant Communications The smartest thing [...]

Is There Too Much Copy on Your Website?

Sales says:  “There’s a LOT of copy on the website.  I’d rather have less copy and drive visitors to Contact Us to learn more.” Although Sales/Biz Dev might want the entire focus of the website to be on driving leads (and so, may believe there is “too much copy” on the website for lead generation), [...]

Is “Request a Demo” the Only Offer on Your Software Website? That’s Why Sales Shouldn’t Dictate Website Details

Sales says:  “We want to drive more Demos.  We want the offer of a Demo to be everywhere on the website.” You check the Analytics.  You discover: Only about 5% of all website visitors click the “Request a Demo” button on the website currently — which likely means 95% of website visitors aren’t ready to “Request [...]

Is Your Website Focused on Content and Links?

(This is another question in our “Are You Smarter than an Internet Marketing student?” series posted on the Response FX page on  The questions are taken from actual midterm exams given to university-level Internet Marketing classes.) Which 2 elements are a key focus of websites because of the importance of ranking on Google? Choice a? [...]

12 Ways SEO and Website Design Should NOT Be Done

Have you ever wondered how to identify bad SEO and/or bad website design — BEFORE you hire someone? Usually, SEO and design ideas for a website should make sense for VISITORS first. When they don’t, you likely have a problem. A site I was brought in to work on recently revealed 12 POINTS of what NOT to do [...]

Are you Smarter than an Internet Marketing Student? What’s the Role of Your Website?

On our Facebook page for Response FX, you’ll find our entertaining series: “Are you smarter than an Internet Marketing student?”   (Submit your answer to see the current “votes” for each answer.) This week’s question:  What’s the overall role of your website in  your marketing plan? To date, 43% think it’s “take over the Direct Marketing [...]

SEO Copy Written in Second Person — Because it Has to SELL!

Should SEO Copy be written in “first person” or “second person” or “third person”? It may depend on the purpose of the SEO Copy . . . Are you an individual or small business providing a service? Writing in “First person” means the copy is written by the person speaking: “I can help improve your [...]

What Most Businesses Don’t Know About Direct Mail Lists

Your mailing list is the single most important success factor for your direct mail budget.  And it should always be chosen FIRST – before you start the copy or design. Mailing List should GUIDE direct mail copy, design, and offer. Mailing List should NEVER be an afterthought! Don’t believe me about the importance of the list?  Think [...]

Marketing Math: Key Formulas to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

(To view the slideshow, use the viewer below.) Do you really know how to calculate ROI? How about Lifetime Value? Can you explain how to calculate “marketing contribution”? Here’s a simple presentation of the key marketing math formulas, along with practical ways to calculate things like Lifetime Value. Marketing Math: Key Metrics to Maximize Marketing [...]

Content Will Boost Your Direct Mail Success

(to view the slideshow, use the viewer below) Have you created great Content on your website (or in the products you publish)?  Use it to boost your Direct Mail and Email Success . . . Content Boosts Direct Mail Success from Karen Marchetti After choosing the most effective mailing list(s) available, the next 3 Direct Mail [...]

Are you Using LinkedIn to Drive Away New Business?

If you’re someone who participates in LinkedIn groups, maybe you’ve noticed some rather bizarre behavior.  This behavior surprisingly comes from those who are, presumably, on LinkedIn to: Prospect for new business leads. Demonstrate their expertise. It seems that some individuals spending time on LinkedIn for the purpose of generating new business are shooting themselves in [...]

10 Rules of Engagement Turn Visitors into Customers (Part 1)

Is online “Engagement” something you need to strive for? Engagement isn’t really a bottom-line objective.  It’s actually a Strategy (a plan, or the “how”) for motivating a visitor to take some action on your website, blog, or social media page. (And it includes speaking the customer’s language, like does . . .). To engage [...]

Craft Your Content by Buying Stage to Drive Sales

Have you mapped out the specific stages your prospects go through to become a customer? An understanding of your “Buying Stages” can help create a more strategic Content Strategy and Editorial Calendar, and a stronger plan for Offers and Calls to Action. Buying Stages Dictated by the “3 C’s” Your particular Buying Stages are dictated by the [...]

Has Content Marketing Finally Killed the Old Advertising Model?

Is the Old “AIDA” Advertising Model dead? It occurred to me as I mapped out a Content Strategy today.  I was planning messaging for the next 4 months by Buyer Persona by stage in the Sales Process.  And as I created an Editorial Calendar that focused on topic, keywords, and Offers by Buyer Stage by Persona, I began to [...]