Have you created great Content on your website (or in the products you publish)?  Use it to boost your Direct Mail and Email Success . . . (discussion follows the slides below).

After choosing the most effective mailing list(s) available, the next 3 Direct Mail and Email Success Factors include:

1.  Getting the envelope (or email) opened  

About 44% of Direct Mail is never opened.  That’s 44% of your Direct Mail budget down the drain!  Work harder to get your package opened.  Spend more time creating an intriguing headline, envelope visual, or even a dimensional Direct Mail package (box, padded envelope, etc.) to get your envelope opened.  Use your Content to ensure your mailer gets opened.  (See the examples in the slides.)

The challenge of getting Email opened can be even harder.  Your Subject line must convince the recipient that tremendous value lies within your Email message.  Using your Subject line to promise very useful Content can be highly effective for getting recipients to notice your Email messages.

2. Getting the copy “read”

We know that at least 85% of Direct Mail and Email recipients will scan your mailer first, rather than read line-by-line, word-for-word.  So make your copy SCAN-ABLE.  What does scan-able really mean?

I should get your entire message just by reading your Headline and Subheads.

If you or your copywriter isn’t used to using Subheads — LEARN!  Subheads are critical for telling the scanning reader what’s buried within the copy.  Subheads are state-of-the-art for the most effective Email Messages, Direct Mail Letters, and Web Pages.

Think about what happens when you visit a Website that is paragraph after paragraph — with no subheads.  Do you stick around and try to wade through those paragraphs to figure out if what you’re looking for is actually there somewhere?  Your own website visitors won’t either.

3. Getting the Offer acted upon:  the ACTION!

Make an irresistible Offer to get maximum response.  It’s the whole purpose of your Direct Mail or Email effort!  Spend more time crafting an Offer that will appeal to the specific lists you’re using.

(Hint:  this is just one reason why Lists MUST be selected before Creative ever begins.  I need to know who I’m talking to —  and who I’m trying to motivate — before I can craft the right strategy.)

The slides here are part of my presentation at the City and Regional Magazine Association annual conference in Las Vegas.  Although I was speaking to publishers, these principles for using Content to boost your Direct Mail and Email results can be applied to most campaigns.

Have you tested more of a Content approach with your Direct Mail or Email Messages?

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