Does your website seem to always be chasing the latest fad?  Does it get excited about what every vendor proposes — but those promises never seem to fix the problem?

What about your online PPC ads — what’s your ROI?  Google Partner badge

We Diagnose Where Your Opportunities Lie

When you “misdiagnose” (or don’t analyze results at all), you send your internet marketing efforts off-course.  You hire the wrong resources and make the wrong budget decisions.  And you never really solve the original problem.

We rehab websites into high-results generators.  If your website isn’t a high performer — if it seems to be struggling — we can help.

And we transform Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns into cost-effective, high ROI sales machines.

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Look for Advanced EXPERTISE in highly specialized areas . . .

Our team brings senior-level expertise in Website Development (mostly WordPress) and Blog Creation, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

  • We are certified in Google Analytics
  • We have Google Ads Qualified Individuals on staff

In-Depth EXPERIENCE with Hundreds of Companies in a Broad Range of Industries . . .

On the consumer side, we’ve successfully marketed everything from:

Skin care . . . wine . . . software and online services . . .  financial services and real estate investment funds … golf balls and clubs . . . online games . . .  nutritional supplements . . . hotel casinos . . .  memberships . . . movies-on-demand . . . to spas . . .

Our business-to-business experience includes selling direct and generating qualified leads for:

Real Estate E&O Insurance . . . digital pricing platforms for banks . . . cells and media for research . . . software (email software, CMS systems) . . . online memberships . . . online medical subscription services  . . . RFID medical device tracking systems . . . industrial vending machines . . . video training programs . . . legal services . . . consulting services . . . online real estate training . . . 1031 real estate exchanges . . . VAR and retailer programs (for software, satellite dishes, and various hardware). . . professional trade associations, seminars and publications . . . 401(k) programs and corporate financial services . . . and more.

Our BOTTOM LINE APPROACH Ensures Programs are Planned to be Profitable

Return on your Marketing Investment is our focus. Financial analysis is part of every plan we develop, so you’ll know the expected profitability of your marketing programs before you ever spend a dime.

“If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.”

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What Clients Say

“The results that you’ve achieved in a short amount of time are impressive and are much appreciated. I sure wish that we had found you 3 years ago!”

Brett Lesser, VP of Sales, Lifeline Cell Technology

“From our very first email marketing program, we got 25% response! As we expanded the program over the next few years, we continued to enjoy about a 21% response. The combination of email marketing, direct mail, the highly personal approach and tone of the copy, and the unique content marketing website really made the difference.”

Michael Spacciapolli, SVP, Union Bank of California

“Karen has helped us think differently about our direct marketing efforts and offered creative solutions to issues that we had never contemplated.  I look forward to working with her again.”

Carlton Van Putten, COO, Maredy Corporation