Direct Marketing Mail, Email, Print Ads

General Instrument Corporation

Consumer education and dealer education collateral promotes “big dish” satellite services and a new product […]


B2B dimensional direct mail with interactive worksheets gets through the gatekeeper to reach telco presidents.

Package […]

ProBuy Software

Series of 3 dimensional direct mail packages introduced ProBuy Software to office supplies dealers:

A football-themed […]

Trade Service Company

This 9″ x 12″ direct mail package introduced TSC Software Solutions to a government audience.

The […]

Maredy Fundraising

This 4-page direct mail piece promotes the Shrek Internet Browser as a unique school fundraiser.

The […]

Lifeline Skin Care

Companion direct mail package to the nationwide direct-response print campaign delivered product samples to consumers.


Dailys Supplements

The 8-page direct mail magalog draws attention with its intriguing collection of headlines on front.

The […]

Merant eCMS Software

How to catch the attention of both marketers and IT managers for an eCMS system?

Create […]

Qualcomm Eudora Software

Multi-faceted Upgrade campaign for a Eudora Email Software release included multiple consumer direct mail tests.

Envelope […]

Carbite Golf Putter

How do you get direct mail packages opened?  This winning test package did 3x better.
. […]

American Nurses Association

Six visuals and creative positionings, along with 6 offers, were tested in California and Texas.

This […]


Benefit headline full of specifics introduces the visual to tell the story to over-40 women.
. […]

Education Comics Fundraising

The unique school fundraising program featured educational comic books written to cover elementary school subjects.

A […]

Jostens Learning

Major catalog redesign married product descriptions with pricing for the first time within the catalog.

The […]