Direct Marketing Services

How can you spend your budget most effectively on Direct Marketing efforts?  Consider:

  • Email Conversion Series, to educate your prospects over time, and re-sell and cross-sell customers
  • Direct Mail — large envelopes, “lumpy” padded envelopes, or dimensional mailers stand out in the mail
  • Direct-Response Print Ads

Email Marketing

Success in Email marketing is driven by:

  • The Subject Line — and knowing how to effectively test Subject lines.  How much time are you spending on crafting Subject Lines that HAVE to be clicked?
  • The “Lead” sentence or paragraph — the words that draw in your prospect.  This is where “emotional drivers” are used.  This is where you “remind of pain and/or hint at pleasure” to draw the reader in.
  • An action-motivating offer.

We have a PROVEN system for crafting high-responding email messages.  Our email series for Union Bank consistently got 22% – 25% response!   Learn more about Email Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

What are the keys to direct mail marketing success?

  • Work with a direct mail agency who knows more about the available mailing lists than anyone else.  If the mailing list isn’t discussed BEFORE creative begins, you know you’re not working with a DM pro.  Mailing List is the most important element in Direct Mail — because it doesn’t matter how beautiful the design, how fabulous the copy, how creative the format — if you send it to the wrong list, you’ve wasted your money.
  • Choose a direct mail copywriter that really knows how to sell.  Read the copy out loud — if it’s exactly what you’d say if you were selling face-to-face, you’ve found a copywriter who knows how to sell.
  • Find a direct mail consultant that really understands how to craft offers that drive response.  Ask what offers they’ve tested.  Ask how they construct an offer.  You should hear:
    • We determine what the objective of the offer is, in terms of what action we want the target audience to take.
    • We understand everything there is to know about the target prospects — and craft an offer specifically tailored to attract them.
    • If generating leads, we talk about where you want to be on the “quality/quantity” lead spectrum.  If you don’t talk about lead quality, you’re not working with an offer pro.
    • If selling direct, we run the numbers to determine the value of each customer — and talk about how much we’re willing to spend to drive each sale.

Learn more about Direct Mail Agency Services.  Ask about our proven system that boosted sales response from 0.33% to 8.35%!

Direct-Response Print Ads

As with direct mail, the most important element with Direct-Response print is the audience the particular publication delivers.  Some publications just don’t deliver readers that respond well — and others do.  And knowing how to identify high-responding publications is key to direct-response print ad success. What are the other key success factors?

  • Headline or main visual that stops the reader
  • Design that draws the eye to the URL, offer, or phone number
  • Copy that draws the reader in — starting with the all-important “remind of pain” or “promise some pleasure” lead sentence.
  • Easy scan-able copy

Learn more about Direct-Response Print Ads

Why Response FX for Direct Marketing Services?

  • We know how to sell — and our RESULTS prove it!
  • We know how to focus on response
  • We know how to target with the most effective lists (something few other DM agencies do well)
  • We know how to conduct statistically significant tests
  • We understand what metrics make sense for mail and email — and which don’t
  • We conduct a Breakeven Analysis based on what we propose — and an ROI Analysis on final results

Contact Response FX for a free analysis of your current Direct Marketing programs

What Clients Say

From our very first email marketing program, we got 25% response! As we expanded the program over the next few years, we continued to enjoy about a 21% response.  The smart combination of email marketing, direct mail, the highly personal approach of the copy, and the unique microsite really made the difference.
Michael Spacciapolli, SVP, Union Bank of California
Karen Marchetti has proven time and time again that her expertise is a cut above the rest. She has helped us think differently about our direct marketing efforts and offered creative solutions to issues we had never contemplated.
Carlton Van Putten, COO, Maredy Corporation