Direct Mail Marketing that SELLS

We’ve boosted RESULTS by over 24 times the previous response!

How’d we do it?  Careful testing of the key elements.  More effective Mailing Lists, Direct Mail Copy that SELLS, and effective Design will get your package opened and read, and engaging Offers will drive response.

The basic components of your effective Direct Mail campaign should include:

1. The right mailing list. This should never be an AFTER-THOUGHT!  Pick the right mailing list first — so your copywriter knows exactly who you’re writing to, and what type of Offer you should make.

2. The right Offer. If you’re looking for the BIGGEST CHANGE IN RESPONSE, change the Offer (the incentive that drives response).

3. The right MESSAGE that follows the sales process and talks to each Buyer Persona individually. Direct mail is SELLING by mail — be sure you work with a team that knows how to SELL!

4.  The right role of DESIGN — to get it opened, and then move the eye to the Call to Action

5.  Cost-effective FORMATS for printing and mailing

Let us help you create an effective Direct Marketing plan — to ensure you know exactly how profitable the mailing is likely to be before you ever spend a dime . . .

Direct Mail Marketing to Maximize ROI

The 5 keys to successful direct mail marketing are NOT where most companies spend their efforts:


Because it doesn’t matter how beautiful your direct mail package, or how cool your Offer — if you send it to the wrong list, you’ll be wasting your money.

For most companies, the mailing list is an after-thought.  You’ve spent your efforts on the design and the copy, and now you’re ready to mail.  “Oh, yeah, we need a list . . .”  This is completely backwards.

THE AUDIENCE that you can reach MUST be decided first — so the Copy and Offer can be tailored to that audience.

Choose a direct mail marketing agency that understands the LIST is the first step towards effective direct mail — and MUST be selected BEFORE any Copy is written or an Offer is crafted.


The front of your envelope or the mailing panel side of your self-mailer — these are the critical surfaces that determine whether your mailer gets opened — or trashed.

  • What headline and image will you use on your envelope to get it opened?  (Or did you focus only on what was inside your envelope — and just left the envelope blank?)
  • The FRONT of your self-mailer is the SIDE WITH THE MAILING ADDRESS of the recipient — that’s because the U.S. Postal Service delivers mail “face up”  (with the mailing address on top). Most designers want to put the beautiful image and headline on the BACK of the self-mailer — so that it’s not interrupted by the mailing panel.  But that’s a huge waste of design.

Choose a direct mail marketing agency that understands how direct mail really works.  If you don’t have a discussion with them about how to get your direct mail opened, they probably aren’t direct mail specialists. 


Too many companies focus on “the deal” — when what we really should be focusing on is generating qualified leads (if lead generation) and generating a profitable customer (if selling direct).

Offers don’t always have to be discounts.  There are literally over 100 different Offers you could make — and we know them all.  We’ll use a little imagination to ENGAGE your audience and create an Offer that every other competitor isn’t making. 


The sales letter is the “salesperson” in your direct mail package.  It should say what your best salesperson would say by phone or in person.  But too many direct mail packages read more like a brochure — and most brochures have never sold anything.

A sales letter follows the “sales process”:

  • Remind of pain or promise some pleasure
  • Deliver the solution
  • “Sizzle the solution” by merchandising the benefits
  • Answer common objections
  • Build credibility
  • Present the Offer — the reason to act NOW 

Ask any other Direct Mail Agency or Direct Mail Copywriter how they will craft a sales letter — if you don’t hear the sales process above, they don’t know how to sell.


Everything is so easily testable in direct mail.  You don’t have to guess what headline or Offer or envelope image to use — you can test to discover the most effective elements.

We’ll help you “test your way to success” and maximize the results of your direct mail efforts. We are a direct mail marketing agency with direct mail marketing copywriters in San Diego.

Start Improving Your Direct Mail Marketing Today

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