B2B Direct Mail Formats for Multiple Decision-Makers

by Karen J. Marchetti

What if your company’s solution requires the recommendation of one manager — but the approval of a more senior executive?

Consider the highly effective “Executive Wrap” Direct Mail Series that subtly pushes each decision-maker to move the process along with the other:

Direct Mail Package #1: Executive-to-Executive Business Communication

•  Very businesslike closed-face envelope with no envelope headline (because if you were sending a personal B2B communication, you wouldn’t put a headline on the envelope).

•  Envelope’s return address includes an executive’s name and title

•  Personalized letter appears on “from the desk of” executive stationery, and is a highly personal communication from one executive to another.

Letter’s purpose is to deliver the high-level benefit to the final decision-maker — and alert him/her to the second mailing being delivered to the second individual at the company.

Direct Mail Package #2: Promotional “Big Mailer” to Manager

9 x 12 direct mail B2B envelope package

  • Strong benefit is introduced on 9×12 envelope.
  • Personal letter alerts manager, “As I advised (the senior executive), I’ve enclosed more information on . . .”
  • Big brochure gives manager enough benefit and feature information to make a recommendation back to the senior executive.


Direct Mail Package #3: Follow-Up Mailing to Executive

B2B monarch size direct mail closed face envelope package

•  Businesslike closed-face envelope with no envelope headline, return address from executive

•  Personalized letter on “from the desk of” executive stationery advises executive that his/her manager received the package, but hasn’t yet scheduled a meeting.



At each step in this 3-series approach, one manager is being advised of a direct mail to another manager — and each is encouraged to take the next step.