Email Message Series for Lead Conversion

by Karen J. Marchetti

You’ve generated a response and acquired a new email address. Now what? Does that new name merely receive your monthly newsletter?

If you’re going to use a Newsletter format, be sure you fill it with useful content in engaging formats.

  • The monthly newsletter can work well for educating prospects and customers about why they should do business (and continue to do business) with you
  • It can help differentiate you and build trust in your brand

But if the new name is a prospect for your product or service, a more frequent email series — rather than a monthly newsletter — may be a better conversion tool.

So where do you start in an email series? Think of it as a series of personal letters to your prospects.

Email Series of Letters to Your Prospects

a.  Welcome Email Message

Always include a “Welcome” email that actually delivers useful information, not just a “Welcome.”  Write it as a personal “welcome letter” from an individual to an individual.

Mention, “I thought you might be interested in . . .” and include information on your new product release, your latest white paper or webinar, or your new case study.

b.  Address Key Questions, Common Misconceptions, or Objections

Make a list of the key questions or objections that most prospects have about your product or service.

Each topic might logically become one focused email, written like a personal letter from an individual to an individual.

c.   Illustrate Key Benefits of Your Solution

Never assume a prospect (or even a customer) has read the copy on your website that discusses all of the benefits of your products and services.

Use your email conversion series to educate and re-educate about what your product can do for the prospect.

d.  Present Case Studies from Other Users

Everyone enjoys reading other customer comments.

  • Especially in a B2B setting, companies like to see what other companies are doing with your product or service
  • Select case studies that each illustrate a particular benefit or use of your product or service
  • Feature each case study in an email message as part of your conversion series

How many emails should be included in your series?

Enough messages to logically cover the key topics you believe need to be covered to get that prospect to take the next step in the sales process.