Design Tips for Email Marketing Messages

by Karen J. Marchetti

1.  Include ALT-Tags for All Images in Email

“Graphics off” is still the default for the majority of email programs.

  • Be sure to include “Alt text” (or Alternate Text) to explain each image

Your ALT-tags will display the image explanation in place of the image, when an email recipient has Images Off.  That will allow your email message to still make sense, even without images displayed.

Be sure to send a test email to one of your email addresses that has “Graphics off”, so you can see what your email message will look like without Images displayed.

  • Make sure the messaging still makes sense

2.  Include Text Links to Respond

lf your email recipient has “Graphics off”, and your email includes response buttons that are graphic images, your recipient will have no way to respond!

  • Be sure you include Text Links in every email to ensure your recipients can respond even if they can’t see the response button image.

3.  Put the Most Important Information at the Top

A 2010 study found that only 11% of email recipients who open an email will scroll down to see any additional content.

Be sure you have a strong benefit headline at the top of your email message, as well as a response button close to the top.