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 Give us just a few minutes, and we’ll determine your major lost Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing opportunities. They usually lie in these 6 key areas:

  1. VALUABLE: Are you producing unique, valuable Website website-whitepaper-for-websiteand Blog Content that is helpful to your particular Buyer Personas?  Are you going beyond “words on a page” — and using interesting formats?
  2. SHARE-ABLE: Is your Content interesting enough to be shared by your Buyer Personas?
  3. LINK-ABLE: Will others want to link to your great Content?
  4. SCAN-ABLE  (for the 75% – 85% who scan): Are you writing Headlines and specific, keyword-laden Subheads that outline and highlight ALL of your key points?
  5. ENGAGE-ABLE:  Are you creating MOTIVATING OFFERS appropriate for the action you want to drive from each Buyer Persona at each Buying Stage?  Have you added any interactive tools on your site?
  6. FIND-ABLE: Have you effectively optimized your website Content, blog posts, and videos to maximize your visibility on the search engines?   Does your website navigation “hide” your best tools and Content once I get to your website?  Are your Calls to Action “above the fold”?

Our senior-level Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing experts have extensive KNOWLEDGE of what works and what doesn’t. We can give you better RESULTS faster — to maximize results and ROI.

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