Doug Baird

Senior WordPress and Web Programmer, Webmaster for Response FX  Website Design and Development Agency

Created Extensive Analytics for Website and Email Marketing Testing

  • Set up, hosted and maintained the complete online presence of, the largest reseller of recycled golf balls
  • Developed and hosted system for daily email marketing campaigns, that includes tracking of click-throughs and order conversions
  • Set up Tell-A-Friend system as promotional device that tracks credits to the original sponsor for every dollar spent by referrals.
  • Set up affiliate program for shared revenue of sales leads, including banner ads
  • Setup Pay-Per-Click tracking of each keyword through to final sales (at least a year before Google Analytics became available).
  • Setup database tracking of length of time to prospect conversions, leading to creation of 90-day email marketing conversion series.

Experienced User Interface (UI) and Software Developer

In charge of software development for state-of-the-art Major League Baseball Pitcher training/evaluation system:

  • Developed interface system between laser acquisition computers and SQL database.
  • Set up User Interface, using web server technology combined with outdoor weather-rated touch screen computer that is used as pitcher login and monitoring display.

Extensive Website Development Experience

Recent website development projects:

Experienced Marketing Database Developer

Created extensive marketing database system and User Interface for San Diego State University Extension Services:

  • Full campaign management system allows for name selection by any combination of tracked parameters, and tracking of every campaign and cost per contact by individual name.
  • Allows creation of regular reports as well as reports on the fly.
  • Full database marketing system created in SQL and later converted for Oracle.
  • Qualified by California State University network to work with sensitive student data