10- Point Roadmap to Maximum Direct Response™ 

For Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing

When your objective is to generate measurable, trackable leads — or to sell direct — we use these specific proven-effective response techniques:

The Right STRATEGIC Direction:

  1. Why should they buy yours (or respond, or donate)?
    About 90% of ads, direct mail, and websites don’t adequately answer this question — because most say the same things that competitors say.
  2. Why do your best customers buy from you (or why do your best donors support you)?
    Most companies believe they know why their customers buy — but many are surprised when they discover what’s really important to their audience.
  3. What is the value of each customer to you?
    When you know what each new customer is worth to you, we can then determine how much we can afford to spend to attract new ones.
  4. What will attract the attention of this particular target audience?
    You want a specific, benefit-focused positioning that answers the question, “What’s in it for me?”
  5. How can we get the target to take action?
    The marketing Offer needs to motivate YOUR audience — but it’s too often an afterthought. Offers need to be “merchandised” so they sound irresistible.

Creative that SELLS:

  1. Are your headlines clear, direct, specific, benefit-laden?
    We don’t guess at HEADLINES — we know which words are more effective (because everything in Website Marketing, Email Marketing, and Direct Mail Marketing is so easily testable)
  2. Does your “lead” sentence remind-of-pain or hint-of-pleasure — and grab the reader?
    What’s the most important test of the beginning of your web page, ad or direct mail marketing letter? The first few sentences determine whether you’ll get the response or not!
  3. Does your copy follow the Sales Process?
    When generating leads or selling direct (e-commerce), you’re SELLING. Follow the same steps you’d use to sell in person or by phone (and use the same words!) Your copy must PROVE your promise. You need enough copy to convince your prospects why you’re different and answer objections — so be sure you tell a complete story.
  4. Is every word there for a specific reason?
    We understand the nuances of every word (e.g., “if” versus “when,” “can” versus “will”, etc.) based on TESTED, PROVEN FACTS — not opinions or “agency philosophy”.
  5. Does your design follow the way the eye works?
    About 99% of designers have no idea how the eye views an ad, web page, or direct mail package. Largest visual, headline, and other “scanable” elements are key. You only have 3 chances to attract the viewer — otherwise, you’ve wasted your money.

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