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Website and WordPress Consultant, Master Direct Marketing and SEO Copywriter, Google Adwords Qualified Search Consultant, Google Analytics Certified Consultant, Lead Generation Specialist

Stellar Internet Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing RESULTS for a Range of Clients, including:

  • LifelineCellTech.com:  redesign, rewrite, and re-optimization of the ecommerce website more than doubled time on site, cut bounce rate in half, boosted organic traffic by 25% and increased online order volume
  • OKBridge.com: redesign, refocus, and rewrite of the membership website led to a 67% boost in online guest accounts.
  • Luce Forward: three-phase email marketing campaign drove the law firm’s clients to an extensive online survey, generating 60% response!
  • Union Bank: email marketing and direct mail campaigns to prospects for the middle-market commercial division motivated 22% to opt-in to receive regular email marketing communications from the Bank.
  • Qualcomm: series of direct mail tests for the Eudora software division boosted direct sales response from 0.33% to over 8.35%.
  • Lostgolfballs.com: bimonthly email marketing campaigns to customers, prospects, and golf coaches doubled sales volume for the e-commerce site over the prior year.
  • Adwords Pay-Per-Click advertising program in just 7 months boosted gross profit by almost 3x that of the prior 12-month period
  • Email campaign for a software company boosted click-through by almost 3x

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Doug Baird

Senior Website Development Programmer and Webmaster

Extensive Programming (.PHP, .ASPX, WordPress), User Interface, and Database Experience:

  • For LostGolfBalls.com: created extensive “Back Office” system for tracking and reporting results of every email marketing campaign, Pay-Per-Click sales by individual keyword (long before Google Analytics even existed), and length of time for prospect conversion.
  • For OnePitch.com: developed software and User Interface for the Major League Baseball pitching training and evaluation system.
  • For San Diego State University Extension: created an extensive marketing database system that combined data from 3 different systems, tracks every campaign and cost per contact by individual name, and allows creation of regular reports as well as reports on the fly.  Met all California State University requirements for secure data.

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