Pay-Per-Click PPC Services

The key to effective Pay-Per-Click online advertising (whether Google Adwords, Linked In, etc.)  is Targeting:

  • With Google Adwords Management, we can show you how small Ad Groups, focused Landing Pages, separate Campaigns for Search versus Display, negative keywords, and more specific keyword phrases can turn your campaign around tomorrow
  • With Linked In and other social media PPC services, careful testing of targeting options, visuals, headlines, and Calls to Action can generate traffic cost-effectively

LATEST RESULTS:  We were asked to improve Adwords results for a B2B software client.  Click-through is now up 89% — while Cost Per Click is down 10%!

We are a Google Partner, and our Adwords Consultants are Google Adwords Qualified Individuals.

googlebadgePay Per Click PPC Management

The keys to effectively using Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising are:

  • EFFECTIVE PPC MANAGEMENT — with regular ad testing, keywords review, Quality Score monitoring, landing page improvements, negative keywords, bid adjustments, sitelink creation, and conversion tracking

Here’s what we mean . . . 

Separate Campaigns

Google Search (your ad runs on versus Google Display Network (your ad runs on other websites).

Each can have very different bid prices — and very different Click-Through Rates (CTR) — so should be managed separately.

And there are many other situations where SEPARATE CAMPAIGNS make sense.  (Many PPC programs are set up with everything all in a single Campaign — which isn’t the best way to maximize your investment.)

Tightly-Focused Ad Groups

A small group of keywords (maybe 5-10) should make up each Ad Group, to allow a very focused Ad — and a very focused Landing Page for each Ad Group. 

Effective Proactive PPC Management

It’s a simple analysis to review the actual search terms typed into by those who clicked on our PPC search ad (but many companies don’t know about this tool).  This can help identify additional keywords — but it also tends to be very helpful in pointing out NEGATIVE KEYWORDS, to allow us to specify for which keywords we DO NOT want the ad to show.

These are just some of the key factors that can help produce a more effective ROI from your Pay-Per-Click Advertising investment.

Should you handle Adwords management yourself?

  • Are you actively testing ads in each Ad Group regularly?
  • Do you know what Quality Score means?
  • Have you added Negative Keywords to your Campaigns or Ad Groups?
  • Do you review actual Keywords Searched periodically?
  • Are you using Sitelinks?
  • Are you tracking Conversions and  Cost per Conversion?

Adwords is not a “set it and forget it” program.  You’ll get the most for your budget if you actively manage your Adwords Campaigns.  What is “active Adwords management”?  In general, for lead generation programs, reviewing results several times a week may be adequate.  For active e-commerce sites, daily review may be needed.  If you are trying to drive traffic within a tight timeframe, you may need to review results several times a day.

Linked In PPC Services

If you have a B2B focus, LinkedIn allows you to target Pay-Per-Click ads by:

  • Job Title, Function, Seniority
  • Geography, Gender, Age
  • LinkedIn Group participation
  • Company, Industry, Company Size
  • School, Skills

Constant rotating in of new ads with a simple Call to Action is the key on LinkedIn.  Let us show you how to craft a successful program.

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