4 Pillars of Content Marketing Strategy

Do you have a Content Strategy — with these 4 critical components?

Are you building Content by “Buyer Persona” (each of your target audiences)  for each Buying Stage?

Do you have Offers for each Buying Stage — to speed up your sales cycle?

One microsite we created for Union Bank of California generated 22% response — due to its great content!

Are your blog posts supporting your Content Strategy — and your SEO Strategy?

Are you re-using your Content in other formats — and to create Content Marketing Offers, for example:

  • Blog post . . . becomes a Slide show . . .  becomes a Video
  • Multiple blog posts . . .  become a White Paper  . . . becomes a Webinar

We can help you develop a solid Content Strategy to turn more visitors into leads and customers.

Have you created Content for each of your key audiences (“Buyer Personas”)?  Different types of visitors to your website will be looking for different types of information.  Be sure you’ve mapped out the key questions each type of visitor has — and then plan your Content to answer those questions.

  • If your audience includes B2B at different levels in a company and/or different departments, they’re each looking for different things.
Have you thought about what information each Persona would find helpful at each Buying Stage — and what Offers make sense ?   Your prospects may go through these BUYING STAGES:

1.  RESEARCH — trying to identify possible solutions, understanding the different types of possible solutions, and developing Pros and Cons to choose the right type of solution

  • Possible Content Options at the RESEARCH Stage:  White Papers, Special Reports, Articles, Case Studies

2.  VENDOR OR PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION — once a type of solution is selected, the prospect now has to identify companies who provide that solution.

  • Possible Content Options at the IDENTIFICATION Stage: Product Selector Tool

3.  VENDOR SELECTION — prospect compares the short list of vendors and makes the selection.

  • Possible Content Options at the SELECTION Stage:  Competitor Comparison Charts, Testimonials, Case Studies, Client List, Product Reviews, ROI Calculator

Each type of Buyer Persona may have different information needs at each Buying Stage. Most companies don’t have enough valuable Content at the EARLIEST BUYING STAGES — and miss gathering leads early. We’ll help you create:

  • Offers designed to capture the maximum number of visitors EARLY in the process
  • Online tools to speed up your sales process and become a valuable resource to your prospects

All of your Content should be keyword-optimized, so your Content Strategy and SEO efforts work together.

There will also be keyword phrases for which you’ll want to develop additional Content for SEO purposes.

  • Developing and maintaining a WordPress blog will add a steady stream of fresh, quality content to your website — a key strategy for SEO!

We’ll work these topics into your overall Content Strategy for your website and blog — so your Content Strategy will continue to enhance and complement your SEO efforts.

Every piece of content you develop is an asset — so why not get the most out of that asset?

Think of ways you can re-use content originally developed for other purposes.

  • Are there Powerpoint presentations used at trade shows or developed for client presentations that can be adapted for marketing purposes?
  • Could you adapt a Powerpoint presentation into a video — by adding a voice-over?
  • What about your blog posts — could you gather those that address a similar topic, and package them into a special report or white paper or ebook?

Could you create content in interesting formats — rather than just presenting “words on a page”?  What about:

  • A worksheet or checklist or comparison chart
  • Online tool — maybe a product selector or an ROI calculator or an evaluation tool


Our Content writers and Blog writers will create Special Reports, White Papers, Slide shows, Videos, WordPress Blog Posts that drive leads, and more.

Contact Response FX to get started on Content Writing and your Content Marketing Strategy — for your website and your blog.