Search Engine Optimization

Keys to Hiring the Right SEO Specialist

1.  How did you find them?  You should see them ranking highly in an organic listing on a search engine, and/or with an optimized profile on a social media site.  Both are signs of positive SEO RESULTS.

2.  Ask the SEO consultant how he/she measures results.  You should hear about an increase in your organic traffic, rather than just “keywords on page 1.”  If you want real results from your SEO efforts, you’ll need to see an increase in organic traffic that’s worth your SEO investment.

3.  What SEO strategies will they use to generate strong ON-GOING results?  You should hear:

  • We’ll help you develop a steady stream of optimized content
  • Use social media promotion to create in-coming links (from Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr if appropriate) for SEO purposes
  • Promote social sharing of your original content
  • Focus on targeted blogger, website, and reporter promotion to generate in-coming links and drive traffic

You should NOT hear:

  • “We’ll buy hundreds of links every month for you”
  • “We’ll automatically link to you from our X web properties”
  • “We’ll create pages just for the search engines”
  • “We use writers in (some other country”.  Be sure to ASK where their content writers are located.  Copy that SELLS in the U.S. cannot be written by copywriters who are not native English speakers, nor by copywriters living in other countries.

Some SEO specialists still don’t understand the idea that sub-standard English, useless articles, or writing not written by expert copywriters are not good directions for improving SEO — and will turn off visitors.

SEO is all about CONTENT — regular development of original, high quality Content that others will want to share and link to.

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