Website Copywriting to Boost Response

Great Website Copy Starts with the Right STRATEGY

We don’t just guess at what makes effective website copy — and you shouldn’t either.

Great copy:

  • Focuses on answering the questions, “what’s in it for me?” and “why should I buy YOURS?”
  • Speaks to each of your individual audiences – your “Buyer Personas”
  • Walks each Persona through the logical Buying Stages in the sales process (solution searching, vendor identification, vendor selection).  Different Content is needed at every stage.
  • Can easily be tested — so we’re never guessing what might work
  • Includes the keyword phrases your Personas are searching for on search engines
  • Uses the right emotional driver to motivate response (there are 7 key emotion drivers)
  • Focuses on driving a response from the maximum number of visitors

If your web copywriter isn’t talking about attracting A, B, and C leads for sales follow-up and on-going nurturing, Contact Us.   Our website copy has generated a 22% opt-in response!

  • We want to capture information from more visitors to your website.
  • We’ll help move more visitors through the sales process and nurture them along the way
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