Web Design: More than a Nice Look

Design — the look of your website — is there to:

1.  Build upon or create your unique brand look. The masthead of your website is one of the critical design elements that can create your unique brand look.

  • Do you have a highly-unique look and color scheme to your logo?  If so, that may be enough to create a unique brand look for your website masthead.
  • If your logo isn’t that unique, your unique brand look may be created by other design elements and colors in your masthead.

2.  Draw the eye through the content to your key response elements.

3.  Highlight key elements on your website.

4.  Make the website easily readable and understandable to your target audience.

5.  Make the copy more enticing

How web design can make your copy more enticing

Content is key for driving organic traffic, creating social “shares” and “likes”, and attracting valuable links to your website.  But website visitors shouldn’t be overwhelmed with “too much content.”

What’s the definition of “too much content”?

  • When the content doesn’t LOOK enticing to the visitor
  • When the content LOOKS like a lot to wade through
  • When the content isn’t well- ORGANIZED for the visitor

“Too much content” means that the copywriter and designer haven’t worked together to make the page as interesting to the visitor as it can possibly be.  Key tools to do this include:

a.  Specific headlines and frequent subheads — the copywriter should use subheads to “outline” and highlight key points within the content.  The designer should be sure headlines and subheads are styled to stand out to the scanning reader.

b.  Bullet points, numbered points, use of embedded video screens, use of embedded slide presentations — elements that break up paragraphs and present content in interesting formats

c.  Online tools, checklists, quizzes, product selection tools — interesting ways to present content that help ENGAGE your visitor and make your website that much more valuable and memorable.

d.  Tabs  Tabs

Tabs are a way to show a collection of subheads all in one place on the page without the visitor having to scroll to see them.  Tabs let the visitor select the content he/she is interested in viewing — while keeping that content on a single page (which can be good for SEO)

e.  “See More” / “See Less”  accordion2

This feature keeps the content on the page for SEO purposes — but lets the visitor select the paragraphs he/she wishes to display, and leave the rest of the content hidden.

This feature is sometimes referred to as the “accordion” or a jquery plug-in.

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