Web Design Makeovers

Deep Sea Wines: Ecommerce Website Design

Website Design for Consumer Ecommerce

AFTER: Beautiful website is now more user and search engine-friendly, with easy navigation and more involvement

  • Constant and clearer menu system helps user navigate more easily
  • Focus is now on the wine, and telling the company’s unique story
  • Home page delivers the key points of differentiation and SEO-optimized content
  • Unique brand positioning is woven throughout the website

Consumer ecommerce website

BEFORE: Disappearing menus, minimal copy, and distracting photos didn’t help sell wine

  • All-Flash website featured disappearing menus and distracting backgrounds, rather than easy navigation and selling
  • Beautiful backgrounds drew eye away from, rather than into, the copy
  • No copy on home page and minimal copy throughout the website didn’t help sales or SEO
  • No key message, no story, no real points of differentiation to build the brand

AutoCrib: B2B Website Design

Industrial Website Design

AFTER: Unique website look and involvement devices prove industry leadership

  • Mouse-over any machine to learn what it does and how inexpensive it is
  • Sleek website design and industry-unique “Find the Right Solution” matches leadership position
  • Involvement devices appear prominently on every page of the website
Industrial Website Design

BEFORE: Non-involvement and a website that didn’t reflect company’s industry leadership

  • Mass photo of machines doesn’t involve the visitor
  • Response and involvement devices missing from the website home page
  • Inelegant website design made the company look like just another supplier

Overpromise:  Services Website Design

Website Design for B2B

AFTER: Stronger promise, benefits, involvement

  • Eye first sees the founder in action, delivering the key service
  • New tag line, “Building cool differentiated brands” instantly communicates benefits
  • Key promise delivered in the new headline builds on the new tag line branding
  • “View Video” of the newest service is now featured “above the fold”
  • Other key involvement devices are now featured in website’s right column
Website Design for B2B

BEFORE: What exactly are you selling – and why should I buy from you?

  • The eye moves first to the top right photo that doesn’t sell
  • Key company services — consulting by the founder – are lost behind the book focus
  • Involvement survey appears at the bottom of the website page
  • Other key involvement devices are buried in the left menu
  • The website doesn’t PROVE the founder’s expertise and involve the visitor.

SwingSmart: Consumer Website Design

Consumer Golf Website Design

AFTER:  Simpler masthead puts focus on product and how it works

  • Visuals are now focused on drawing the eye into the page
  • Main visuals show and demonstrate the product
  • Longer, optimized copy answers key questions

Consumer Golf Website Design

BEFORE:  Product isn’t the star and website looks amateurish

  • Distracting masthead doesn’t fit with premium priced product
  • Visuals aren’t focused on demonstrating the product
  • Sparse copy leaves visitors with unanswered questions (objections)

Consulting: Lead Generation Website Design


AFTER:  Highlights consultant’s extensive experience, Offers are above the fold

  • Focus on key “why should you hire me” positioning above the fold
  • Key Offers and engagement elements highlighted above the fold
  • Home page introduces company’s strengths

BEFORE:  Home page looks temporary, inappropriate for professional consultant

  • “Contact Us” is used as the Home page, which confuses the visitor
  • Long list of hard-to-read menu topics appears in reverse type
  • The consultant’s advertising expertise isn’t showcased

New Navigation and Optimized Website Copy

Consumer Golf Website Design

AFTER:  Streamlined menu highlights key services, consistent key copy points

  • Streamlined main menu and new navigation makes key services clearer
  • “Why I should buy from you” messaging consistently used throughout
  • SEO optimized page URLs, Page Titles, Copy for better search engine visibility
Consumer Golf Website Design

BEFORE:  Long left menu, inconsistent messaging, and no optimization

  • Previous menu didn’t focus on 2 key service options
  • “Why we’re different” key points inconsistent from page to page
  • Generic page URLs and Page Titles meant poor search visibility

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