How to Boost Your Website Opt-in Rate

by Karen J. Marchetti

Your Opt-In Offer

If you have an opt-in email offer, be sure it appears on EVERY page of your website.

Why?  As more of your website’s pages become indexed by search engines, visitors could enter your website on virtually any page. Be sure they see your key Offers no matter what web page they start on.

Where should the opt-in Offer appear in your page layout?

Ideally, it should appear “above the fold,” near the main content on the page.

  • Don’t hide it below your left column menu (what if the visitor never scrolls down below the menu?)
  • Also don’t make it look like a banner ad;  most visitors ignore anything that looks like advertising on a website.

How to Boost Email Opt-in Sign-ups?

1.  Ask only for email address. All the other “nice to know” elements can be asked for over time.  The more pieces of information you ask for upfront, the lower your opt-in response.

2.  Include a link to your privacy policy.

3.  Include a link to view a sample e-newsletter from you (if that’s what you’re offering).

4.  Add bullet points that answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” if I sign up for your Offer.  Tell me what value I’ll get from your Offer.

5.  Include the call to action — e.g., “SUBSCRIBE” or “YES, SEND ME YOUR SPECIAL REPORT” — on your response button.

6. Locate your response button prominently “above the fold.”

7.  Make the response button an actual button, in a color that stands out on the page.  Typically, the larger the button, the bigger the response.

8. Ask the visitor to add your “from” email address to their contact list before finishing the sign-up process.