Where to Put Cross Sell Options in Your Ecommerce Page Layout?

Of course you want to generate the highest average order possible per web customer. And so you load up your product pages with pitches for other products the visitor might also be interested in . . .

But can placing those cross-sell pitches in the wrong place reduce your overall results? The answer: yes!

A recent study compared web sales results from two different versions of the same page:

  • Version one had cross-sell pitches for other products “above the fold”
  • Version two moved the cross-sell pitches to below-the-fold

Which version did better?

Version two focused all its “prime real estate” — the area closest to the top of the page and “above the fold” — to merchandising the main product and to prominently displaying “buy” buttons.

  • This singular focus on one product paid off. Customers actually PURCHASED MORE ITEMS when the cross-sell pitches clearly came after the main product pitch.

The lesson: the visitor has selected a particular product page for a reason. Use the critical top-of-the-page real estate to sell that product.

Consider using the right-hand column for a special offer that motivates the sale of that main product. Below the “add to cart” button, your visitors will be ready to consider additional purchases they didn’t originally search for.