Proven-Effective Website Design Tips

by Karen J. Marchetti

The latest response studies on web page effectiveness have found . . .

1.  Headlines and subheads are more effective when positioned flush left, rather than centered.

Centered headlines on a web page (as well as within emails) can be missed by the scanning eye.  Does your web designer know this?

2.  What color are your text links?

The eye notices links best if they appear in blue type.

3.  More prominent action buttons — with more specific benefit copy on them — generate better response.

Make your action buttons bigger — and use a more prominent size and color. Write specific benefit copy to use on the buttons. (The days of using “submit” or “enter” on buttons are long over . . .)

One of the simplest tests that can yield the biggest improvement in web response is a test of button text. Test some longer, more specific action-oriented options like:
“Get your free sample now”
“Download your free report now”
“Send me the white paper”