Website Diagnosis: Is Your SEO Effective?

Are you happy with your website’s SEO?  It seems few businesses are.  In general, the complaints seem to go in these 3 directions:

“We’re not sure how our SEO is doing”.
“We’re not sure if our SEO is correct.”
“We’re not sure if any SEO has been done.”

Here’s How to Diagnose Your Search Engine Optimization with Google […]

Is Your Website Focused on Content and Links?

(This is another question in our “Are You Smarter than an Internet Marketing student?” series posted on the Response FX page on  The questions are taken from actual midterm exams given to university-level Internet Marketing classes.)

Which 2 elements are a key focus of websites because of the importance of ranking on Google?
Choice a?  Links […]

12 Ways SEO and Website Design Should NOT Be Done

Have you ever wondered how to identify bad SEO and/or bad website design — BEFORE you hire someone?

Usually, SEO and design ideas for a website should make sense for VISITORS first. When they don’t, you likely have a problem.
A site I was brought in to work on recently revealed 12 POINTS of what NOT to do in […]

4 Key SEO Factors: The 12 Days of Marketing Planning

“On the FOURTH Day of Planning, your boss will ask of you: 

 FOUR SEO Factors . . .  
THREE Design Directives, TWO Website Questions, and a Measurable Marketing Plan . . .”
If you STILL haven’t had the time to SEO optimize your website, here are the key elements to focus on in your marketing plan:
1.  Keyword-Focused […]

How to SEO Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Are you still delaying that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project on your website for some reason?
The majority of most websites’ traffic comes from search engines.  Can you really afford NOT to optimize your website to attract more search traffic?

SEO can easily be done on most websites in a matter of a few weeks.  It […]