Have You Diagnosed What’s Causing Your Website Problems — or Where the Opportunities Lie?

Is your website “sick”? 

Shouldn’t you get an accurate diagnosis of what’s actually causing the pain – BEFORE you decide on surgery or start replacing parts? 

And shouldn’t that diagnosis be based on actual RESULTS?

Making Decisions Based on RESULTS is the Best Way to Improve

For an enterprise software company, they were convinced they had a messaging problem.  But that wasn’t the only problem . . .

  • Their Google Analytics indicated that only 15% of visitors ever made it to their Solution page. We revised their Main Menu, rewrote their Home page, and included a prominent link to the newly named product page to help direct more traffic there.

That’s a solution clearly indicated by the results — which is the fastest way to see better numbers.

We are Google Analytics certified.  Can we help diagnose your problems and find your opportunities?

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