When your objective is to generate measurable, trackable leads — or to sell direct — be sure your website (and your marketing team) is equipped with these proven results generators:

The Right STRATEGIC Direction:

1.  Clearly answer “why I should buy yours (or respond, or donate)”

About 90% of ads, direct mail, and websites don’t adequately answer this question — because most say the same things that competitors say.  What is your UNIQUE combination of benefits?

2.  Know why your best customers really buy from you (or why your best donors support you) – don’t guess, ask them

Most companies believe they know why their customers buy — but many are surprised when they discover what’s really important to their audience.

3.  Compute the value of each customer to you

When you know what each new customer is worth to you, you can then determine how much you can afford to spend to attract new ones.

4.  Appeal to the hot buttons of each of your types of target customers

You want specific, benefit-focused content that answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” – for each particular target audience or “buyer persona”

5.  Craft content marketing Offers to appeal specifically to each target segment

The marketing Offer needs to motivate YOUR audience, so it really appeals to each target segment.  The wording you use to promote your Offer should make each say, “Got to have it!”

Creative that SELLS:

6.  Headlines (and subheads) should deliver clear, direct, specific, benefits that you KNOW are important to your target audiences. 

If I read just your headlines and subheads, will I learn all the key points on each page?  Write your headlines and subheads to provide a specific outline to your visitors.

7.  Test and track so you know exactly what’s working – and what isn’t.

If you’re just guessing at what your headlines should say, or which Offer will be most effective, or which benefits really resonate with your target audience, you’re likely depressing response.  You’re paying money to drive traffic to your website.  Why not be sure every page is as effective as it can be?   Test your way to success.

8.  Your “lead” sentence on every page should remind-of-pain or hint-of-pleasure — and grab the reader. 

The first few sentences on every page determine whether your visitor will stick around – and give you the lead or sale you’re looking for.  So be sure to lead with a “are you having trouble with . . .” or “wouldn’t it be great if you could . . .” story.

9.  Your copy should SELL – by following the Sales Process

When generating leads or selling direct (e-commerce), you’re SELLING. Are you following the same steps you’d use to sell in person or by phone?   (And are you using the same words?)  If you know how to sell your product face-to-face or by phone, why would the process and the words be any different?  You need enough copy to convince your prospects why you’re different and answer objections — so be sure you tell a complete story.  (See our steps in the sales process in website copy.)

10.  Every word should be there because it adds to the sell

If any word, sentence, or paragraph could be deleted and not affect the strength of your sales message, it doesn’t need to be there.  Edit your copy ruthlessly, so that every word has a purpose.

Are you having trouble implementing any of these roadmap elements?

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