Does Your Website Content, Online Marketing, and Direct Marketing Create Customers?

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Your website design should be: FIND-able, VALUE-able, ENGAGE-able, SHARE-able, LINK-able, and SCAN-able. Learn how to get there in 12 steps.

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Results of our PROVEN Process

  • 67% Boost in Trials for a consumer membership website
  • 60% Participation in an online engagement device, with 27% B2B opt-ins
  • Content-focused microsite drives 22% B2B opt-ins
  • Email Conversion Series DOUBLES consumer sales over one year
  • New email approach TRIPLES click-through to the website

Keys to Successful Offline and Online Marketing Efforts Lie with the CONTENT — and our RESULTS Prove it!

Expertly-Crafted Website Copy that SELLS
Great Copy focuses on creating an emotional conversation with your specific audience. Your website copywriter must know how to sell — because good copy is similar to what your best salesperson would say to a prospect face-to-face.

We re-wrote — and generated a 67% boost in online guest accounts.

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Engaging Online Offers for Every Buying Stage
Web Content Creation Across a Range of Formats
Engage Your Audience and Create Real Value

swing-thumbWebsite Development

Does your website really deliver the brand promise, unique and valuable Content, and Engaging Offers you’d like to see?

dailys-thumbCopywriting and Content

Are you confident that your website copy is really SELLING and your Content is really Engaging?  Is it optimized to drive traffic?

sdw-thumb     SEO

Optimized sales copy makes you FIND-able.  The result of your SEO efforts should be more traffic — is that what’s happening?

guido-thumb     PPC Advertising

PPC is an amazing tool for testing your way to success. Are you always testing, focusing on higher quality clicks, stronger conversion?

    Continuous Lead Generation

Do you have a plan for generating A, B, and C leads — for generating online leads from each audience, and from each Buying Stage?

    Email Marketing and Direct Mail

List selection, copy that gets your message opened and read, and engaging Offers that drive response — are you testing these?

rc-thumb2Response Coach® Consulting

Are you seeing steady improvement at each step of your lead generation and conversion program?  Why not?

rc-thumb2Response Coach® Training

Could some training and mentoring in Online and Digital Marketing areas boost your own team’s effectiveness?

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