Lead Generation

Why Your Website Isn’t Generating More Leads

Are you focusing on Lead Generation?  Do your in-house marketers really understand Lead Generation?  Does your agency?
The company president advised me, “we’ve had 2 agencies in the last 18 months . . . the first was a design firm.  They did great design, but they couldn’t deliver on the words.”

“I told the second agency […]

What a Smart Lead Generation Program Should Include

I was on a call with the principals of a small design agency, who had hired a lead generation company to handle some email business development for them.

The design agency told me the lead generation company had “done a few emails” for them.  Results to date?  “We had some visits, but nothing came of […]

Is “Request a Demo” the Only Offer on Your Software Website? That’s Why Sales Shouldn’t Dictate Website Details

Sales says:  “We want to drive more Demos.  We want the offer of a Demo to be everywhere on the website.”
You check the Analytics.  You discover:

Only about 5% of all website visitors click the “Request a Demo” button on the website currently — which likely means 95% of website visitors aren’t ready to “Request a […]

5 Lead Capture Strategies: The 12 Days of Response

“On the FIFTH Day of Planning, your boss will ask of you:  FIVE Lead Capture Strategies  

. . . FOUR SEO Factors . . . THREE Design Directives, TWO Website Questions, and One Measurable Marketing Plan . . .”  

If any part of your marketing efforts aren’t measurable, it’s likely because you haven’t created trackable, […]